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Daisy "Skye" Johnson
Species Inhuman
Occupation Hacktivist

Field Agent

Affiliation Rising Tide(formerly)


aka Mary Sue Poots (formerly)

0-8-4 Daisy Johnson (Real Name) Tremors Quake

Family Calvin Zabo(father)


Status Alive
Date of Birth 2nd July 1988
Season(s) 1

2 3

First Appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Chloe Bennet
Counterpart Daisy Johnson/Quake

Skye, (once known as Mary Sue Poots) or Daisy Johnson  (b. 2 July 1988), is a hacktivist in her mid twenties with Rising Tide who finds herself reluctantly recruited by the military organization S.H.I.E.L.D.. She was Agent Ward's trainee (now May's) and is Coulson's protégée.

It is revealed that Skye is an Inhuman on her mother's side. She accidentally went through the process of Terrigenesis, when she tried to stop Raina from using the Diviner. She has since developed the seismic abilities usually resulting in earthquakes.



    1. Early Life
  1. Pilot
    1. 0-8-4
    2. Conflicting Loyalties
    3. Coulson's Disappearance
    4. T.R.A.C.K.S
      1. Rapid Recovery
      2. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Skye.
      3. Coming to terms with being an Inhuman
  2. Personality
  3. Physical Appearance
  4. Powers and Abilities
    1. Powers
    2. Abilities
    3. Weaknesses
  5. Relationships
  6. Appearances
  7. Trivia
  8. Media
  10. References


Early LifeEditEdit


Skye's file on her parents.

Skye was discovered by a S.H.I.E.L.D. team in the Hunan province of China, and was herself an 0-8-4. The entire village and nearly the whole S.H.I.E.L.D. team got killed protecting her. She grew up at the St. Agnes Orphanage and in different foster homes who never kept her around for long, saying that she "wasn't a good fit". When she was nine she stayed with a family, called the Brodys, that Skye particularly wanted to like her, but they soon sent her back to the orphanage.[1] It is revealed in "Seeds" that the S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol covering her placement at the orphanage mandated her constant reassignment.

Skye became obsessed with finding out the truth about her parents, and eventually she ran away. At some point later in her life she joined the Rising Tide, a computer activist (Or as Skye would say, "hacktivist") group. Skye and the Rising Tide shared certain beliefs about the freedom and accessibility of information. It was through the Rising Tide, that Skye bonded and became involved with master hacker Miles Lydon.

Skye spent two years living out of her van and using her skills to reveal classified data to the public while searching for information about her parents. However, in all of her searching, the only evidence she was able to find about them was a document with all of the pertinent data redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. It was then that she came on to the idea to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.[2 ]


A civilian new recruit and computer hacker, described as "bubbly and goofy" but "also compassionate, edgy and witty." It's been revealed that due to growing up like an orphan, Skye has spent most of her life without much stability. As such she has developed a thick-skin, rarely trusting people, particularly those in authority.

She often uses dry humor and sarcasm to distract and distance herself from situations and people that make her uncomfortable, or simply to lighten the mood during particularly stressful situations. Still, regardless of how protective she is of herself, Skye often sees the best in other people, such as with Mike Peterson.

Skye can also become extremely loyal to those who earn her trust, in particular Coulson's team. Soon after joining, she grew to appreciate each member of the team, and would do anything and everything in her power to help and protect them. However, should someone ever betray her or her friends, that trust is gone, as was the case with Agent Ward upon his betrayal as a HYDRA agent.

Skye has been shown capable of holding her own in most situations. She is shown to be very good at improvising in stressful situations. Once such example includes impersonating Agent May to give the team Coulson's coordinates despite the tracking bracelet which would shut down any tech she tried to use.

In the wake of Ward's betrayal she developed a far tougher streak, and in "S.O.S. Part Two" seemed to be on the verge, however reluctantly, of killing her mother to save ordinary humans when her father stepped in and took that burden on himself.

Physical AppearanceEditEdit

Skye is a biracial Chinese American woman with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and Olive-toned Skin. She is 5'6" and is about 125 pounds. And has an Hour-Glass frame; Waist-Hips: 25-35 inches (64-89 cm)

Powers and Abilities EditEdit

Powers EditEdit

Skye is an Inhuman, and thus holds the potential to obtain superpowers when exposed to mist from the Terrigen Crystals within the Diviner.

  • Vibration Manipulation: After undergoing Terrigenesis, Skye gained the ability to generate and manipulate the constant vibrations in the universe, which give her the ability to produce shockwaves, earthquakes, and the ability to affect objects by shaking them and moving them.

Abilities EditEdit

  • Master Hacker: Skye is an accomplished computer hacker with a wide range of contacts through the Rising Tide hacktivist group. On many missions, these skills are utilized for intelligence gathering and data interpretation. Phil Coulson put her in charge of the Clairvoyant mmaster at pattern recognition and analysis; in other words, she picks up on patterns that others do not notice.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: From her time training under Agent Ward and May respectively, Skye has become a very good fighter. A fast learner, Skye was able to effectively use defensive maneuvers taught to her during the beginning of her training. Since becoming a full agent, Skye is able to hold her own against if not defeat more experienced S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as shown against Agent 33 and even Melinda May with aid from her powers. She has defeated over a dozen Hydra agents with just a pistol and her gymnastic training.

Weaknesses EditEdit

She is not immune to the direct effects of the vibrations, and is capable of hurting herself without adequate control.





  • Her name and status as an 0-8-4 has led to speculation that she's an alien.  As of the 19th episode, "The Only Light in the Darkness", it is confirmed that Skye was given the name "Mary Sue Poots" by St. Agnes Orphanage. In episode "What They Become" it is revealed that her real name is Daisy Johnson and that she is an Inhuman.
  • In "Girl in the Flower Dress", it's revealed that all information about her origins was redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. on 23 April 1989, possibly locked in a clearance level above Level 8, since even Phillip Coulson knew nothing about her in "Pilot".
  • It is revealed in the episode, "Seeds", that a "senior agent" was holding onto Skye as a baby whilst he was mortally wounded with a gunshot wound to the neck with which he later bled out. In a much later episode, "End Of The Beginning", it is revealed that Agent Garrett - also a senior agent - received a third degree burn to the neck which he presented to Skye in the interrogation room whilst giving the agent his information and phone for the upcoming mission. It is not yet known if there is any connection to Garrett and Skye.
  • It appears she's a fan of Harry Potter or is simply aware of its fiction. ("Repairs"; "Ye Who Enter Here")
  • In the interim time between "Beginning of the End" and "Shadows" Skye has, and continued to be undergoing personal training from May as a field agent.
  • According to the Marvel wiki, the mainstream version of Daisy Johnson is also an Inhuman, her powers arising from the experiments on her fathers own DNA, which were passed on genetically by her father, Calvin Zabo, activating her powers without the need for Terrigenesis.
  • It is revealed in the episode, "Melinda", that Skye was born on July 2, 1988, making her 26 years old (a year older than she previously believed).


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