Arial is the paring of Aria Berglund and Gall
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Air/al and G/al/y is the pairing of Aria Berglund and her fellow Glader Gally. These two fit together since they have a good girl bad boy relationship. Their big in height difference, Gally is 6ft3 and Aria is only 5ft. Aria and Gally are said to have kids in the future.

Other names Edit

  • Garia
  • Arly
  • Gria
  • Arga
  • Aally

Relationship Edit

At first, Aria was told to stay away from Gally, the gladers said he was short tempered and would bring her trouble, but Aria didn't listen. She hangs out with Gally a lot he defends her and at the same tiny acts like a bit of a douche. The argue like any other realsonship would have they will throw insults back and forth, Aria and Gally care about each other a lot, and can be very protective of one another. A few of Gally's builders find Aria hot, in this case, Gally gets really jealous.

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