Arielle ran to the Dying Planet her eyes were green because that meant She was evil. Also when she was evil her pink streak on her hair turned White.

She flew to the dying planet. All kinds of races was helping out the planet. Arielle super speed back to the Annialator Liar. Why are you back have you annialated everyone at the planet he said

No,i am not powerful enough we need a plan Arrielle said

Well your going to have to talk to the big boss said the Annihilator Then he pull his suit of his appearance was a blond guy he had to be atleast 35. He took the walkie talkie to contact his boss. Arielle stood there alone. She looked around and saw a computer . Saying all the people under the annihalator control . Then she saw a sign it look like a bird. Suddenlly her eyes was stuck on it. She fell she was out of the annihilator control.

Arielle lost all her memory. She was lost. But suddenly she saw. The Annihilator boss. He was huge and ready to attack her.

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