It was a bright, beautiful, and Sunny day, the birds chirped and sang.

"New Day Aria." A girl smiled to herself as she rose out of bed, she looked down at her miss matched socks, one was blue and the other Green,"I'm color blind," She laughed,

Aria planted her feet on the ground and walked over to the big mirror that was leaned against the wall in her vanity. she took a strip off her nose and checked for black heads

"Finally, worked,"

She raced out of her room and slid down the stair's ramp, She stretched her arms as she approached the kitchen,

"Good morning Sweetheart,"

"Good morning daddy," Aria said as she kissed her dad's cheek, "Is Chase up?"

"No," Her dad said looking into his coffee mug, "Your mom's in the bathroom getting ready,"

"Probably drawing her eyebrows on," he joked

"An hour till i gotta go to School," Aria said looking up at the clock on the wall

"Big test today, they keep saying It's the key to the future,"

"Or Something like that."

Aria jogged up the stairs and went to her room, she slipped on some skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black jacket.

Aria went to her brothers door and listened, she couldn't hear anything. Aria turn the nob slowly and opened the door


Chase's head popped up out of the covers, "We got an hour to get ready,"

"So come out of your bear cave,"


"What's for breakfast?"

"Eggs," Aria grinned

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