Vital statistics
Position Witch
Age 22
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5ft4
Weight Unknown

The Coven Edit

Bereet was raised by a Coven of Evil Witches, and has known the dark arts all her life. But she isn't evil, Bereet is against harming others, Bereet is highly skilled in Dark Magic, and light Magic.

Background Edit

As a baby she was born to a warlock and a witch, Muriel later killed her parents and took Bereet in, raising her to be evil, as soon as Bereet turned 13 she ran away from Muriel, turning against her and has been running since at age 16 she settle's down in Augsburg and meet's other like her, to fit in Bereet learned Archery to protect herself,

Meeting The Hunters Edit

Bereet here's Muriel's plan to kill Gretel on the next blood moon, With Muriel's 2 witches on her tail. Her biggest enemy is almost every witch and all of the townspeople, Will she find protection?

Trivia Edit

  • Augsburg is a very cold town, but Bereet is a desert witch so this has no effect on her.
  • She has a broom and a wand
  • Muriel want's Bereet dead
  • Bereet and Hansel are close friends
  • Bereet saved Hansel once


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