Bree Stark
Vital statistics
Position Racer, Possible Mrs.Marshall
Age 22
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5ft4
Weight Unknown

Marshall Motors

Bree stark aka Breezy is a bit of a legend in Illegal Street Racing. But when she meet's Tobey Marshall, Everything Changes. Bree and Tobey must outrun Police and Bounty Hunters, Bree doesn't know what she got her self into. But she's up for any adventure!


Bree had an okay Childhood, she was picked on, never as tall as the other kids. But she found her love in Street Racing, she was always a Straight A student, but she soon found herself sneaking out at night so she can go to an Race. Her grades never fell.


  • Stark
  • Starky
  • Breezy
  • Breeze
  • B.S
  • Ree


  • She's a runaway
  • She develops a crush on Tobey 
  • She's afraid of Heights 


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