Cat Poulter
Vital statistics
Position Oscars Hotel Employee
Age 21
Status Alive, Past Medical Student
Physical attributes
Height 5ft4
Weight Unknown

Oscars Hotel Edit

Catherine Elizabeth Poulter, better known as Cat Poulter, or known as Cat Pee by most of the Residents to Oscars Hotel, was studying monster health when she suddenly went to Oscars to further her studies,

And got stuck there.

New Job Edit

Cat now assists Oscar along with his nephew Oliver. Cat is the one that is mainly at the front desk, if not she's most likely helping octochef.

Relationships Edit

Oliver: Oliver and Cat are almost always together, they may argue but they always have each others back's.

Wiggles: Wiggles and Cat are... difficult. She's often the one telling him to turn down his radio,

Trivia Edit

  • Cat has died


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