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Clandi is the romantic parring of Clint Barton and Andi reed.aka Hawkeye and Speedy.

Starting Edit

Clint and Andi are seen to be living or staying in the same penthouse.They may sleep in different beds.This relationship grows as the get to know each other more.As Black widow say's "Love is for children." Yet she seems to despise Andi and Clint being together.and the fact that Andi has the I can save myself motto. Makes it hard for Clint (hawkeye.) To save her when she needs it the most.

Trivia Edit

  • Hawkeye helps train Andi (Speedy)
  • They DO save each other
  • Hawkeye and Speedy fight each other
  • in the future they are said to have a kid.
  • Hawkeye teaches Speedy archery
  • They live in the same penthouse

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