I am a wolf imp a form of shape shifting demon that said I am not evil I am not out for blood I am just me

About Me Hey all i am the king of wolves, Coada Fang.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

History: he lost his pack (family) to Lucifer and was banned from hell. His mom was a fallen angel and his dad was a demon.

Weapon: Sword and knife

Temperament: Kind to friends and family, But he will kill if someone crosses the line, like killing his pack or hurting his friends. In short he is a wolf at heart loyal, loving, and farce . PD: He has a 2 wings one looks like a bat's but it is white the other is bird like but it is black. he has long black hair and a cut in the shape of an "X" across the bridge of his nose. his eyes are yellow and he looks human with a tail and ears of a wolf.

Spell I know: Hand of Fate: turns all I fight into humans if they are not human animal or phantom

Dead fangs: lets me summon the souls of fallen beasts to aid me

Shelled of the loving wolf: allows me to protect my allies for attack while I fight

Dead in the head but still willing to fight for the ones I love.

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Shadows of the dead and his loving tears is a shadow claymore that has several high level attacks. it also is a soul of a fallen warrior who's name has been lost over time it is 50lb blade can only be held by a soul that is worthy of its power

Attack one: Shattered Shadows. this attack makes the blade shatter into dust and destroy a target form up to 8 miles away.

Attack two: Phantom strike. With one swing of my claymore I can take down 30 trees.

Attack three: Demons Rage. This is the only attack i hate to use in a fight for i have to lose myself to use it. it the if all else fells attack.
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