Race: Other worlder Gender: Male Height: 7' Age: 30 Name: Gorn Job: Assassin, murderer Job Title: Delta Assassin

Gorn was a member of his species, until they were killed off. Gorn and his brother were the only survivors, until his brother Killie himself.

For unknown reasons, Delta Assassin hates mystics, and in some ocations, will even kill one for free, if somebody hires him to kill one. He is extreme strong, he has enough strength to lift a tank. He used to have access to massive amounts of advanced tech, but now he has only a plasma pistol with no amo, an energy dagar, an energy sword, and, if his target is in a city, he uses a human assault rifle. Gorn can naturally teleport, causeing a burst of energy bolts.

Jesper Kyd - Ezio's Family 10 Hours09:59:43 Jesper Kyd - Ezio's Family 10 Hours just amagine a modernised version of that ->

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