Demons a viscous evil enteritis they have no soul no pity no mercy for anything or anyone there soul
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goal is to destroy and cover the land in shadow. extreme caution must be taken with demons as they will not hesitate to kill anything on sight they a very tough and feared by even the most deadly supernatural species.


Electrical Interference: When a demon is near it can cause all electrical equipment to become distorted or even break.

Fire: Demons have control over fire and can create fire from nothing the higher the rank of the demon the more it can do with this ability.

Water: Demons have control over the element of water and can manipulate water, freeze it or even cause it to boil. High Ranking demons could maybe even create water out of thin air. it is possible they can make it rain very heavily as well

Earth: Demons have control over the element of earth but only to a small degree even the high ranking demons can only make small earthquakes,

Air: Demons have control over the element of air and can create massive blasts of air.

Telekenisis: Demons posses the ability to move people and objects with there mind however they must keep concentration.

Super Strength: Demons have immense strength they can easily over power humans and most supernatural entertis with ease.

Teleportation: Demons can teleport anywhere in the world 
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Crosses: it is said if a demon is touch with a cross it will cause there skin to burn.

Exersisom: exciseing a demon can potentially kill it but this has never been fully proven.

Hallowed Ground: places such a churches and the like Demons cannot enter.

Decapatation: the act of removing the head of a Demon will result in death

Heart extraction: the act of removing the heart of a demon will result in death.

Iron Traps: a demon can be trapped in a cuffs made of iron

iron: if a demon is shot with iron or it enters the blood stream they will die.

Sigils (unholy): trapping a demon in a room full of unholy sigills will render it trapped and powerless however some higher ranking demons can still retain some of there abilities
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