Rank:~ Ella is half immortal half fae. She is a Fire Master, and can use all kinds of fire, but her main element is pink fire. She is almost full dragon because her father was. But the secret is that Ella is a demon, and she doesn't want anyone to know about it.

Appearance:~ Ella is a very pale female. Her ears identify that she is elven, as they are slightly pointed. She wears gold earrings with diamonds in them. Her hair is auburn that fades into blonde, and she has bright green eyes along with a loose green dress with a black and gold belt. Ella has shoulder armor that is gold with faint silver markings, and a small scar on her cheek. She wears black boots. Ella's sword blade is silver and black, the hilt being gold. At the bottom of the hilt holds a dragon, slightly wrapped around it. She has green and gold dragon wings and her cheeks are usually pink. Her fire is pink, also.

Personality:~ Ella is the kind of person that wouldn't back down from a fight. She is brave and extremely loyal at all costs. If something happens, she is the first to do something about it. Ella is also very kind, and everyone feels safe around her because she is mother-like. Ella is definitely smart and funny, but only if she is close enough to you to show her real feelings. If you make her mad, she won't try to fight you but rather sort out whatever happened. But Ella is very powerful, and she will hurt you if you mess with her that bad.

History:~ When Ella was a child, she didn't know she was royalty. Her parents told her when she was four, and she became a princess. But when she grew up, she met someone named Felix and fell in love with him. They moved to a small village, and Ella was still a princess(but more like a warrior princess). She'd often fight wars and leave for a long time. One day when she came back, she told Felix that she was pregnant and the first thing they did was panic. She had two babies on the same day, and named one Darkness and the other Shadowfire. Darkness was evil from the start, and when she turned 20, she ran away and started a new kingdom. Everyone worshipped her. She captured Shadowfire and her parents. Ella and Felix starved to death, while Shadowfire escaped. She still visits her daughter in her dreams, but it doesn't turn out well because Darkness always shows up.