G'lush Tazzani is a 42 year old Troll Archer.
G'lush Tazzani

Biography Edit

G'lush was never good at school, dropping out in the 7th grade to pursue his talent in archery. His pet boar got lost one day in the forest, and he discovered a wolf had devoured him, leaving only the skeleton behind. To this day, G'lush is angered over the fact he never revenge on the wolf, and he takes out his frustration on any critter or animal he sees.

G'lush has been described as being one of the nicer members of the Troll bunch, but he does have a tendency to get angered quickly. His father died when he was 15, but managed to teacg him valuable skills that G'lush still uses to this day.

In his spare time, G'lush likes to hunt for artifacts.

Family Edit

  • V'id Tazzani - Father
  • Moz'a Tazzani - Sister

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