Vital statistics
Position Keeper of the Builders
Age 16
Status Alive, Immune
Physical attributes
Height 6ft3
Weight Unknown

"Still think I'm overreacting?"

Gally is one of the first boys to show up in the Glade. He's the Keeper of the Builders.


Not much is known about his background. Other than the fact that he woke up in the Glade. He was stung by a Griever one day and recovered part of his memories. Gally is known to lash out with fist's rather than turn the other cheek. He has exceptional strength and hand to hand combat skills; Moreover, Gally has acquired immunity to things over time.


  • Speed
  • Strength
  • A Knife he always carries.
  • Fighting skills.
  • Super Shoving ability's.
  • Sucker Punches.
  • Immune to Griever stings


Gally can lash out with fist's due to his nature. He isn't liked by many, but he is a Keeper, and those have his friendship. With Aria, however, they fight and don't get along, but he soon finds himself caring a little bit for her, becoming more possessive over her, getting jealous easier than normal.


  • He's named after Galileo
  • He's 6"3
  • He's the strongest boy in the Glade.
  • Goody on following the rules.
  • He calls himself Captain Gally.
  • He's 99.8% right, almost always.
  • Gally lashes out with fist's, rather than turn the other cheek.
  • Gally's crushing on Aria.
  • He's over Protected of Aria.
  • He was a pet baby goat named Hallie.
The Maze Runner - 'Gally' - Character Piece HD00:16

The Maze Runner - 'Gally' - Character Piece HD


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