Aria Edit

Benchmade Nimravus Cub II

Blade length: 3 1/2

Over all length: 7 22/25

Light weight, Portable, versatile, tough, Designed for Airborne military.


Blade Length: 7 in

Over all length: 11 7/8

Tough as Hell, Versatile, and easy to grip. Marine Corps used it during World War 2


type: Semi-Automatic Pistol,

Calibers: 9mm .40

capacities: sixteen depending on variation

Steyr Armee Universal Gewehr aka Stery AUG

type: fully automatic Machine gun

caliber: 5.56 x 45mm (acceptable to write as 5.56mm)

capacities: thirty or forty-two

  • Uses a Detachable magazine,
  • bullpup magazine (magazine is located behind the trigger)
  • Can Switch between semi-automatic and fully automatic (Select-fire)

Quartermaster Knives QSA-1CC Boss Hog with it's 4.25 Inch Carbon Copy Kukri Blade and G10 and Stainless Steel Handles

Newt Edit

Cold Steel Bowie Machete,

Blade Length: 12 in

Over all length: 17 5/10

Swiss Army multi-tool

Tools vary

Thomas Edit

Israeli Military Industries UZI

type: fully automatic submachine gun

calibers: 9mm .41, .45

capacity: 20, 25, 30, 32,, 50 (9mm only)

  • Uses detectable magazine, not clip

Gerber LST

Blade length: 2 3/4

over all length: 3 /23

Minho Edit

Condor Tool & Knife El Salvador

Blade: 18

Over all length: 23 1/2

Frypan Edit

Benchmade 42 bali song Wee Hawk (Butterfly knife)

blade length: 4 1/5

closed length: 5 1/5

open length:9 2/5

Aris Edit

Smith and Wesson Model

3 57 mag


Beretta 92




Gerber mark II

sawed off shotgun


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