Grune is the eldest Mystic Daughter. She is the second Mystic to teach Jade how to use magic. She does not really like Jade at first do to Masron being her bodyguard she slowly comes to accept Jade even going as far as to defend her from one of the other Mystic's that hate her because she is the New Mystic Princess.

Grune is the only Mystic female besides Jade that has a high level of Magical potential. While training Jade she sees that not all people are weak & changes though she pushes Jade at first to exceed her potential she starts going with Masron & Jade on a few quests that the King of the Mystics sends them on.


Grune Dimlight


  • Healing Magic
  • Magic
  • Summoning
  • Seductress (able to charm men with her beauty)