Humans are mortal beings characterized by their inability to practice magical or supernatural powers. As


the human race repletes the majority of the Earth’s population.

Awareness of the Supernatural:


Only a handful of Humans known Vampires exist the rest think vampires belong in the world of fiction or are skeptics to the whole issue, to the humans who do know vampires exists they are a consent threat and must be killed, however Humans take extra precautions around vampires for obvious reasons.


Not many humans are aware of the exsistence of werewolves the handful that do have quickly learned to keep away from them on a full moon. the humans that no of there exsistence also work to get rid of these beasts but most humans fear werewolves and refuse to go after them. the rest of the humans are skeptical of there exsistence or out right refuse to belive in the exsistence of werewolves.


Most Humans do not belive in the exsistence of witch craft and only really refur to them in stories and the like but there are a few humans who know that witches are all too real and some of them are dangerous and deadly to all of humanity.


Only a number of humans no this supernatural creature exsistences there is much lore and legend about shapeshifters in the community of humans but only a select few humans no the truth about these creatures and just how deadly they are.


Only a Couple of Humans no hybrids exsist and how deadly they are many humans have perished trying to fight these creatures, to all other humans this creature is the stuff of dreams and folklore and is nothing to them or anything to be afraid of but to the humans who do know of them they are the stuff of legends and feared by all.


most Humans who fight and no of the supernatural equip themselves with a varity of weapons such as guns, cross bows, swords ect. 
  • Sword (Weapon used by Humans to defeat supernatural creatures
  • Stakes (Used By Humans Primarly to Kill Vampires)


Humans can be turned into Vampires

Humans can be turned into Werewolves Via two ways

1. Birth (if the baby's parents are both werewolves the gene can be passed on. if one of the parents are and one isnt its 50 50 the gene will get passed on)

2. is bitten by a special kind of werewolf called an Alpha

Humans are techniqually the weakest species having so many weakness and can die by any means.