Is the romantic pairing of Ivan and Ramity O'hsera.


Ivan meet Ramity at a Royal Banquet that was being held in a Neutral area between the many Kingdom's. Ivan feel for Ramity instantly he knew the moment he saw her that he loved her he approached Ramity and asked for a dance Ramity agreed. They danced than spoke for a while than right before the Banquet was about to end the place where the banquet was being held was attacked by people from where Ivan was from they attacked to kill as many people as they can Ivan fought off most of them to protect Ramity as she was one of the targets they wanted but the final person left was to strong for Ivan to handle alone so Ramity helped him by using her Magic and together got ride of the last one. Ivan now thank full to Ramity for helping him kisses her hand than Ramity's parent's & Aymon come to get Ramity and from there on never trusted Ivan.

Through out the years he continues to think of Ramity and one day wishes to prove to her family that he is not a bad person and decides to change in order to get the one he loves the most.