Name: Jake

Race: Human

age: 23

History: Jake was born into the mercenary lifestyle he was taught hand to hand combat and weapons training along with skills such as driving vehicles like cars and snowmoblies by his step dad. his real dad got his mother pregnant and bailed on her, he has never met his real dad. jake did the best to care and provide for his mother when he was of age to work but despite his best efforts he couldnt do it so to spare her he ran away from home and became a full fledged mercenary.

Personality: Jake is a very solitary and selfish person trusting only in the power of money hence the reason for becoming a mercenary. Jake is very rash and instictive which can be both good and bad, Jake is a very verbal person and is quick witted and sarcastic even if the face of danger. he is very protective of the few people he calls friend, Jake hates being bossed around or told what to do repeatedly, jake sometimes helps people but does so with a mercenary image.

Powers: Jake knows armed and unarmed combat, he has experience in driving many different vehicles, jake is faster and stronger then most humans, jake can learn any language just by listening.  

Jake muller


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