Karmin Edit

Karmin chase is a bionic super human, she many amazing powers.She is brave and caring.She is very different

from her fellow friends. 

Karmin Chase
Some attributes
First She is 16
Second She is 5ft4
Third She has brown hair
Other attributes
Fourth She had brown eyes

Backround Edit

Karmin was raised in a lab.There she could improve her bionics and practice.Karmin is sixteen.

Personality Edit

Karmin is a the average girl, she can be moody.But she has a very kind and witty personality.

Origin Edit

Karmin lives in Mission Creek.A amazing wonderful place, with her father.

Powers Edit

  • Super speed
  • Intelligence
  • invisibility
  • Geo-leaping
  • bravery
  • Martial arts
  • heightened senses
  • flight
  • speed fighting
  • Molecular Kinesis
  • Bio-Thermokinesis
  • Energy Generation
  • Energy Blasts
  • Force Field
  • Two Simultaneous Abilities
  • Energy Absorption
  • Super Durability


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