today was the second day when queen Elizabeth the queen who was also scarlets mom told her about the to lands and why it was dangerous to go over to the creeks where evil queen Lexi lived but scarlet still wanted to know more so that night she too her favorite
unicorn named clover he was a green maned unicorn scarlet loved a lot out of all the unicorns that lived in unitopia as she walked into the woods to find some more information that night she found and old dirt hill "wooah boy" she said climbing off of clover "look boy someone buried something here can ya dig it up for me?" And
clover used his hoofs to dig the dirt "it.. It has my name on it" she looked at it closer "its a book about the land of creeks and unitopia this is just what I needed" clover sensed "what what's wrong boy?" She asked clover "do ya smell something here near us?" Clover looked up and there they saw a fairy look at both of them "ello little youngster who might you be?" Clover and scarlet looked at each other "umm this is clover and I'm Scarlet" the fairy looked at her closely "ohh dear your queens daughter my apologies princess, so what that you got there?" She asked scarlet "oh this its a book I found in the ground about these to lands" the fairy sat on clover "allow me to introduce myself my names lidda I'm a fairy as you can see" Scarlet looked at the book and then at lidda "can you tell me a little
about the lands?" Scarlet said "ah yes I know lots about these lands" then a nother unicorn stumbled apon lidda "ah this is lyric she's a lovely unicorn she love hanging around me" lyric went over to stand by clover "now about the lands" lidda said "its a long journey the creeks is a land that are filled with darklets and dangerous creatures you do not want to go near and the evil queen still unicorn horns and dragons all to destroy the land of unitopia she kills unicorns to take there magic and Flurry's but legends been said that there's only one creature that could protect the lands but has never been found" scarlet stopped lidda "I'm sorry but I most go home perhaps we can talk tomorrow um please meet me at the flurry river" lidda smiled "sure thing sweety" she said then scarlet got back on clover "you sure love lyric huh boy?" Clover smiled to be continued......

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