Marina Kiyoko
Marina Kiyoko San
Vital statistics
Position Middle Blocker
Age 16
Status Second Year at Karasuno High
Physical attributes
Height 4ft11
Weight 120


Marina Areum Kiyoko is half Korean and half White;She was born in America to a Korean father with her brother Rin. After her biological father left her, Rin, and her mother then moved to Japan where her mother met her step-father, Marina and Rin both decided to take their new father's last name as their last father was a disgrace.Starting her volleyball career she started off at Aobajōsai High and then moved to Karasuno.

Aobajōsai's rival.

Marina had played volleyball at Aobajōsai and dated it's leading player for the boy's team,Tōru Oikawa.As a 1st year Marina lead the girls volleyball team with an Iron fist.


Daichi Sawamura: Daichi at first is the only one that knows of Marina's past with Oikawa, but decided to keep it secret. Daichi recognizes Marina's skills and pushes her to join the team.

Kōshi Sugawara: Marina and Sugawara have a very healthy friendship. Marina see's Suga as one of the sweetest boys on the team, Sugawara developed strong feelings for Marina over time but won't share them because of the growing connection between her and Kageyama.

Asahi Azumane: TBH

Yū Nishinoya: TBH

Ryūnosuke Tanaka: TBH

Chikara Ennoshita: TBH

Kazuhito Narita: TBH

Tobio Kageyama: Marina met Kageyama first; along with Hinata he got her back in game to play and become a team Meyerbeer.Unlike the other boys at first he doesn't have an castration to her. But when she hugged him, he knew.

Shōyō Hinata: Marina and Hinata get along very well, Marina enjoys how positive Hinata is.

Kei Tsukishima: Marina seems to dislike Tsukishima over his constant teasing of Kageyama and Hinata, but when it comes down to it they work together to win.

Tadashi Yamaguchi: Marina can see the potential in Yamaguchi to be a great player, and try's to help him work through his fears.


  • Marina dated Oikawa, the alpha male. So making her a past Alpha Female
  • She met Kageyama first before the other boys
  • Marina means "from the sea" and Kiyoko means "Pristine Child"
  • Oikawa isn't over Marina
  • She is the shortest on the team, only 4ft11


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