Breath of fire 1 upgraded nina by labouka-d5s35jz


Meredith is a member of the Wing Clan. She is gentle and meet's Ramity at a young age they have a friendship that keeps them from missing each other because they can both tell if each other is in trouble & can warn other member's of the other's race to go help the other.

She does fight but uses a Mace she is a in between magic user she is better at Magic then Healing Magic though she knows both Her main element of use is Wind but can use other's like Fire & Thunder along with basic Earth magic.

She is the only Wing Clan Ramity has meet but not the only one she has contact with.


  • Flying
  • Healing Magic (mid-level)
  • Element's (also known as Magic)
 Fire (Mid-level)
 Thunder (Mid-level)
 Earth (Basic level)
 Wind (Highest-level)

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