Miria is a teen girl who is in the 11th grade and has a boyfriend named jack. She lives with her mom Carla and always seems to be curious about things. Her best friend is Sarah shes knower her since 7th grade witch seemed to be a hash year for her in till she met Sarah.

Miria Amor
Some attributes
First Likes: her boyfriend jack, learning new things, being curious, flowers, reading, fun,
Second Eye color: hassle
Third Hair color: brown
Other attributes
Fourth Freinds: josh, Sarah, miles, Mia, Vanessa, linsey, carter, Jason, roseabella, lula
Fifth Enemys: Diamond, sharlet, Bella, Polly, joice, Darrick, jasmine, miloe,

Miria in story'sEdit

The unknown: where's jack?-Edit

Miria has been curious about her boyfriend and wondering what was up with him she finale asked him to come over to her house and watch there favorite movie together to see if he would come or not but jack has showed up to her house very late and once miria fell asleep she woke back up and jack was gone

The unknown: who are they?-Edit

Miria has awoken from her slumber and has gotten up to get ready for school but out side her window she sees lots of people in a crowed but looks as to her jack is in the crowd so miria goes to school and once shes in her set in the class room she starts asking jacks questions

The unknown: what I am-Edit

Miria has been invited to jacks house to meet his friend josh but then soon finds out that her boyfriend is a vampire and has promised to keep that secret 

more informationEdit

  • Mairia Has never thought vampires or werewolves were true
  • Miria has knew jack for 5 years 
  • Miria is alegic to fish and peanut butter
  • Miria is very flexible and skilled
  • Miria has once been freinds with sharlet in 6th grade
  • Miria has a journal under her bed where she writes secret information and daily things
  • Miria's dad works in the Army
  • Miria gets As and Be on every test and has never made an F on any
  • Miria plays the mascot of tommy the tiger for her school

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