We're All Bloody inspired

Sangster newtia
Vital statistics
Position Crank, Group A, Male
Age 16
Status TBA
Physical attributes
Height 5ft10
Weight Unknown

Newt was one of the First boys in The Glade, he most likely came after Ably. Newt is the wisest and the kindest in The Glade, maintaining his position as Second in command. Newt often works in The fields, helping Zart.


He had an younger sister, a dog, and a best friend.before he came into the Glade.



  • "All of that Pain, and Misery, And it just made him kind." -Aria about Newt
  • "Newt's suffered more pain than any of us ever will." Frypan about Newt
  • "He felt all of that pain, and he hid it with a smile." Aria about Newt
  • "I don't find it a coincidence that Newt rhyme's with cute." Ellie about Newt
  • "Not all Angles have wings, I know that now." Aria about Newt


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