• Race original werewolf
    • Age 1500 years+
    • powers: super strength:being an original werewolf Michael has incredible  he can snap necks spines and backs of humans and supernatural beings with ease he can smash small objects like windows and bars with little effort he is capable of tearing a supernatural entities hearts put of there chests and lift and throw a full grown man across a room like they were nothing. this strength is amplified when in wolf form.
    • super speed:being an original werewolf Michael can move   than the human eye can see he can use his speed to track down and stop vampires werewolves and hybrids in there tracks. he is able to run miles in minutes and when running across a long  he appears as vibrating blurs of motion.
    • super agility:Michael being a original werewolf can jump climb and leap from tall structures with incredible ease.
    • super durablitiy:Michael can take incredible amounts of trauma and still keep fighting with little discomfort.he can also exert himself without tiring
    • healing factor:Michael being an original werewolf can heal from wounds such as cuts gunshot wounds stab wounds and internal injuries near instantainously. If Michael neck is broken unlike non original werewolves it wont kill him but will knock him out for several hours.
    • super senses:Michael being an original werewolf can smell see feel hear and taste extremely well far better than humans and non original supernatural creatures.
    • werewolf bite:Michael can use his werewolf bite in human form as well as wolf form however his bite in wolf form has a much more fatal effect then his bite in human form would.also non original werewolves cannot use there bite in human form only wolf form but Michael is an exception being an Original.
    • full moon:Michael strength is greatly enhanced during the full moon.
    • transformation control:being an original werewolf Michael can change into his wold form at will without the need for the full moon his transformations also are painless and happen at a much quicker rate than normal werewolves.non original werewolves cannot change at will.
    • lycanthrope :Michael when enraged can show his werewolf eyes.
    • immunity to silver:Michael is invulnerable to silver
    • compulsion:Being an original werewolf Michael can compel humans hybrids witches and werewolves however he can not compel vampires or other original beings
    • WEAKNESSES: neck snap while having his neck snapped is not fatal to Michael as it would be for other non original werewolves it will still render Michael unconcious for several hours.
    • wolfsbane:while Michael has a high tolerance to wolfsbane if he  it or comes into contact with it it will still weaken and burn his skin.
    • magic:a witch with enough magic can kill Michael
    • decapitation: removing the head of Micheal can kill him
    • Heart extraction: if michael heart is removed he will die

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