Paris is not the smartest but is rather a scarred for life little girl. SHe is a witch and immortal.


Childhood Edit

Paris did not know she was a witch until her unknown mom killed her father to get to her when she was 8. For 10 years she was trained to be evil until she decided to be like her dad and be a good witch. When her mom saw her planned she was prepared. Her mom cast a spell. "My daughter ,my daughter cute and sweet make her new and evil as we meet" . Paris became evil when paris get older she kept on getting flashbacks of her father with two girls and her mom. She dwelt on that . She told her mom what she saw . She said focus on evil. But the flashbacks kept on happening. This time not off her father but two girls and one looked like her and the other looked similar . To get her mind out of it paris went walking far and far she didn't even realize it until she saw that similar girl. Hey you look just like me she said .immediately paris attack a course similar her knew it was a spell. Wait your mind controlled similar her said. Then she said "she is my sister I just know make her good just cause" . Green flashes out her ice red comes out of her mouth . I'm Cassandra.Your twin.


the following is paris powers

  • telekinsis
  • Spells
  • Super Speed


  • she is 25
  • Her father is dead.
  • Her mother is pure evil.
  • She is a twin.

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