Prince Lorzen also known as Prince Zae is an Elven Prince with a amazing Archery skills, he is the next in line to be King of Mirshti.


Prince Lorzen


Prince Zae was train as a archer by his late uncle and friend. His father is a selfish man and only think about what is right for him but Zae want the best for others and goes out of his way to help. When he not on his wild goose chase around the city he is protected by guards, even though he doesn't need them. Aquila and his ally Paul goes everywhere with him and sees the danger before it even goes near him


Zae is nice, caring and brave unlike his greedy dad. He is very handsome and all the girls love him. He has long red hair and a tattoo on his back to his face on the right side. He is very stealthy and that one way he catches his targets when he after someone he need to take down


  • Master Archer
  • Magic
  • Stealth
  • Speed

Pets: AquilaEdit

Aquila is Prince Zae pet, companion and friend, He a Bald Eagle that Zae rescue from some hunters who was trying to kill him. They are always loyal to each other through any problem they comes there way.