Ramity O'hsera is the elven princess and the next heir to the throne of the planet, Kartia.

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Ramity O'hsera


Ramity O'hsera, is next in line. She lives in the cold city of Arkaley, a targeted city for the Athedas group to steal food. The Demon Queen wants her dead, but the palace's guards and army won't let any come in or out. She is always watched by them. She has a personal guard, Geva Aphrah & a pet White Fox named Snow


Ramity is a beautiful elven princess. Her lavander hair cascades down her back perfectly, and between her long, elven ears. She has blue eyes, tall height, and toned body. She is known to be the most beautiful elven of her planet.

She is rather shy, but assertive and brave when it comes to her home country's protection. Nothing will stop her once her mind is set.


  • Magic
  • Archery
  • Speed
  • Healing(Life) Magic

Pet: SnowEdit

Snow is the royal pet and companion of Ramity. He is a small white fox with magical powers. His loyalty is to the princess, protecting her wherever she goes.