Rin Kiyoko
Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 12.56.09 AM
Vital statistics
Position Collage Swimmer
Age 18
Status Marina's older brother
Physical attributes
Height 6'3 1/2
Weight Unknown

History Edit

Rin Kiyoko (Japanese: 清子凛 Kiyoko Rin) is the older brother to Marina Kiyoko. Rin no longer lives at home, but rather on his collage campus away from home; due to the collage being so far away Marina hardly gets to see him. As children Rin, and Marina were very close even though Rin is 2 years older than Marina. Rin has always been very protective of Marina and doesn't like any boy's being around her, but unlike her parents who loved Oikawa, Rin just tolerated his presence.


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