Name: Sakura Takarina

Appearance: Sakura is an average build female. She is very quick and fast on her feet nothing can get past her unless she lets it. The Diamond like crest on her head was place there at birth to make her faster and quicker so she can get out of any situation very easily and does not need help.

Personality: She is a quiet person that is able to be around others but can't stand the endless bickering it annoys her to know end and she will walk out of where ever she is just to get away from it. She hates people that bug her and ask for help when clearly she works better alone and she usually pops an attitude once you annoy her enough.

Weapon(s): Her main weapon of choice is a dagger it's very sharp but has a built in lock pick that makes it very useful when it comes to locked doors.

Biography: She is a orphan but finds out after the age of sixteen that she was actually a nobleman daughter that he bet another person when he was younger that if he lost a bet his daughter would be orphaned as they would kill him but her father took the bet then left her alone as he never came back she is looking for him for answers why he did what he did but also to kill him as the reward for his capture or dead is a very high price and she wishes to collect it herself without other peoples involvement.

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