Andi reed
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Some attributes
First 5ft3
Second Brown hair
Third Amber eyes
Other attributes
Fourth hero name:Speedy
Fifth Avenger
Sixth Friend of Rocket Racoon

Need For Speed. Edit

Andi Reed aka Speedy is a superhero. She is now assigned with the task of helping the Avengers against a new threat that soon arrives.

Origin Edit

Andi is from Earth City. She fought in space, helping the Guardians of the Galaxy. But now she's working New york. She now shares a Penthouse with Hawkeye aka Clint Barton.she engineered at Davenport industries.

Family Edit

Chris reed (father): Andi was and is a daddy's girl.She loves her father very much but sadly her parents are long gone.

Kelli reed: Andi wasn't as close to her mom as she was to her dad, but she loved her.

Powers Edit

  • Changing skin color: Andi can change her skin color to weird colors such as pink as seen in the picture.
  • Super speed: Her main power, hint the name Speedy.
  • Super Intelligence: She is the smartest person on the planet and on the other planets.
  • Energy blast:She can use the energy offensively, to fire blasts of energy.
  • Enhanced Agility
  • leadership
  • Bravery
  • Molecularkinesis
  • Force field
  • Force field ball

Quotes Edit

Hawkeye: *shoots arrow at apple on Andi's head

Speedy: Ahhh!*apple falls off.

Iron man: *Set's new apple on Andi's head

Speedy: What is the lesson here?!?!

Thor: Building up trust

Hawkeye: I'm bored

Villain: *takes Andi's purse

Hulk: He took Andi's money!

Andi: that's right! Who's money? Andi's money! Who's money!?! Andi's money! It was all mine!

Tony Stark: And like my Face, this new suit is flawless

Andi: Forget the suit upgrade, this dude needs a mirror

Captain America: BURN!

Hulk: *pries open elevator

Black widow: What happened?

Hawkeye: the elevator panel fried.

captain America: How did you get out?

Speedy: *looks at Tony

I shimmied up the shaft and turned on the emergency switch while he cried.

Tony: I tried to coach her.

Gallery Edit