Taylor Fly is of the avenger. She is mutant and child of Magneto. She is curtenlly 19.

Growing upEdit

Life was hard being raiser by a villian. Her brothers and sister? was not in it. So they all went their seprete ways. Hydra captured her brothers and sister. Again they was forced to become evil. Quicksilver(brother),Sly Fox (Taylor)and Scarllet Witch(sister) fought against the avengers. They were even working for Ultron. Taylor decided to join the avengers at the age 19.


Taylor have a hard time getting along with Hawkeye. Tony Stark gave Scarlett witch,Quicksilver and Taylor a mansion.Later her brother and sistee joined. She likes the Wasp and the hulk the most.


  • mind control
  • Ressurecting
  • Time Travel
  • Healing
  • Lasers
  • Running fast on 4
  • industructable
  • Strength


  • Loki-*takes his torch and put it on her chest*

Loki- What it's not working Sly Fox- Duh you can't mind control a mind controler

  • Sly Fox- *looks at the avengers* So we have a suit obsesser, a green monster, a ant,a flying ant,a hawk,A spider and a 90 year old.

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