Annihilator is Arielle Power mother arched enemy but now that her mom is a evil queen. He goes ather her because she is powerful. As soon as he does he plan on turning Arielle and other bionic superhuman. He is Humanand half mutant.


The Annihilator real name is Neil Gunhauser. He was born on earth and started exhibiting powers when he was a child he is a mutant. People teased him because he was gaining powers and changing. So he withdrew with society But he did not truley become powers until he was trained by Hapax The Elder who thought he would be a good hero. Neil decided to be evil and make planets suffered the way he did. Hapax the Elder was so upset he went to another planet.


  • Potentkinesis: He can overide bionic people with his surem. Which can put bionic people under his controll.
  • Power Absorption: he can absorb powers when someone tries to strike at him.
  • Energy Draining: He can drain people life force
  • Super Strength : he is very strong
  • Hand-To-hand-combact: He can fight very good
  • Typhokenisis: he can absorb gases
  • Space: He can survive in space
  • Super Agility : His powers matches his body and strength.
  • Telekenisis: he can bring hus cannon just by his hand/


  • Helment:
  • cannon
  • Suit-looks like silver surfer


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