The Five Elders

The Five Elders is a fictional good team in Worlds Divided, composed of 5 powerful elderly mystics, each with their own attributes. They are easily identified by the color of the robes they carry, the mystical staffs, the sacred artifacts and the large beards. They were created by The Great Lord David and are his official roleplaying characters.


The First Wizards

It is still unknown how these 5 powerful mystics came to unite and the reason behind it but many suspect it was to combat the large army of vampires that attacked the world thousands of years ago. Legend has it that around 15000 years ago, the world was dominated by the Elfs, the Demons and by the Vampires, the later who suddenly began to conquer and attack the other races. Peace had been broken and the both the Elfs and the Demons were unprepared for such combat. Thus, they united their powers and created the humans, who would act as their army of soldiers in the war to come. 

For hundreds of years, the blood of men was what kept the world save as neither force had what was necessary to defeat the other. But that would soon change. From the shadows, 5 great human warriors emerged, with the intent of destroying the vampires and saving their people from more harm. But this intention lead to something even they could not expect. Somehow, they opened a portal to another world and new races emerged, the Mermaids, the Dwarfes, the Hybrids, the Shape Shifters, the Valkyries, the Goblins, the Ogres, the Angels and the Orcs. From that realm also came what we now know as magic. The same magic that gave those 5 warriors great power and transformed their swords into staffs, their armors into robes, their human nature into something new. They became practioners of magic and the first known mystics to have ever walked the Earth. It was them who lead the armies of the Acient World to do battle against the Vampires, slaying them all but one, Dracul, the King of Vampires. After the war was over and the shadows dismissed the clear sky, the Five became heroes and were regarded by their fellow races as the Guardians of the Earth. To reward their courage and the sacrifices they made, each of the races offered them a token, the chance of a lifetime, a mystical artifact who would connect them with each race and with the world itself. But they turned down those of dark creatures (whose influence could lead them in the wrong paths) and also those of the Elfs (who had caused all the suffering of man for hundreds of years). The consequences of this act are still seen today. In the end, only 5 artifacts remained and they were equally distributed among the Elders. After that, they all mysteriously vanished. The world celebrated them as heroes but that would not last forever. The war had left deep scars, not only physical but emotional and it was best each of them followed their own way, yet never forget the friendship they all shared. One day the pact was made and only a great evil should bring them together once more. Each mystic chose his destiny, a race to protect and a new life to live. The team was broken, the evil defeated, the legend forgotten.... 

The Tale of Albion

The White Clan


The White Wizard

The leader of the original elders was Albion. The most powerful sorcerer of his time, he acted as a general and field commander in the war against the Vampires. It was he who faced Dracul, the Lord of Darkness but not even his powers managed to kill the immortal king, they only left him wounded. The battle also took it´s toll on Albion, who lost his right eye and later the ability to actually see. After the evil was defeated, Albion and the other elders were awarded the title of Knights due to all their services and his race token, created by the Fairies, was the Orb of Balthakk which is described as "The all seeing eye of the Gods". Empowered by the Fairies´s magic, the orb acted as Albion´s lost eyes, giving him the ability to see all around him and even beyond, piercing large distances and dimensions. The Orb also allowed him to sense energies and the use of powers, along with the presence of other beings in his surroundings. After the Five Elders disbanded and each followed their own way, Albion´s path was to North, to the region dominated by the Hybrids and the Wing Clan.

On his way, Albion encountered many strange beings, many which he himself and the other elders were responsible for. At one occasion, he defeated a male centaur. At another, he exiled an army of Ogres into the forest so that they couldn´t harm a Dwarf village. However, the most important of these was his encounter with a dying human prince who was very ill. By using his powers, Albion managed to heal the man and bring him to full health immedialety disappearing afterwards. The son of the Prince was stunned when he saw this and he decided to find the wizard who had saved his father. He departed with a small army of soldiers and followed his tracks to the The Blizzard, a vast set of ice mountains located near the home of the Wing Clan. What he saw there was even more amazing.... He watched as Albion controlled the forces of nature around him, turning night to day, summer to winter, ocean to earth, life to death. The Prince, along with his 200 soldiers, asked him to be taught this art and Albion agreed. They trained for years under his watchful eye, eventually developing the magical potential they had hidden deep within. The Blizzard became their home, the White Mountain, and they became the White Clan, the first known clan of sorcerers who served Albion, now, The White Wizard. Due to all their power, many strangers came to ask for their aid and many of the clan´s members departed the isolated mountains and sought those who were in need of their help in all corners of the Earth, while at the same time, spreading magic and Albion´s ways all over the world. Over the years, the White Clan gained many more members and grew to become a significant faction in New Worlds Divided.

On Leather Wings

Old Saruman the White by Luftwaffles

Albion, the White

After the White Clan suffered a weakness in their ranks, Albion decided to leave the Mountains. After long days of walking, he finally found what he was looking for, the Hybrid Colony. There, he was well received by the Werewolves who had heard amazing things about the White Wizard. In return for their servitude, Albion casted a spell upon the sky and in that location, there was to be a full moon until the end of time. That zone later became known as Midnight´s Rock. Later, he traveled to the home of the Wing Clan, and to the palaces of the Demons and the Angels. In the Wing Clan, Albion helped stop a revolution that could destroy their entire race and in return was given access to old scrolls of Dark and Black Magic. He developed the potential in both of these arts to their maximum and later experienced their power when he fought demons in the Battle of Isildur, a battle to save a forest that was also the home of the Shape-Shifters. The forest was saved but he was made an enemy of all Demons and they launched upon him a curse, for each year that passed, he would age three. And so, it happened, there came a time when Albion was nothing more than a frail and weak old man who could not bare the strain of using his mystical powers. He was defeated and age would claim his spirit.

Albion himself was too weak to break this curse, and for any of his pupils, it was too strong to overcome, far too strong. In desperation and by using the help of his clan, a weakened Albion visited the Elves in hopes that something could be done. And it could, the all powerful Elves had the ability to cure him but at first and due to his past as a Mystic Elder, they were dimissive and refused to provide any sort of help. After being advised by the Fairies and the Angels to do otherwise, they eventually released him from the spell, de-aged him for some years and granted him true immortality. He could still be killed by any "exterior" means but from that moment on, he would never age nor would he be affected by any kind of diseases, no matter how bad or lethal they were. Death could come from the outside but never from within. Their word was final, Albion, the White was to live till the end of time. In return for their actions, he promised to battle for them as their eternal ally if necessary. His legacy continued and the white shadow of the first sorcerer still eclipsed the primitive world...

The Lady of the Lake

The White

Meeting the Lady

After receiving new life from the Elves, Albion returned to The Blizzard. After doing so, he wrote down all of his travels into a secret notebook which he still keeps today, preserved by his magic. After protecting his mystical orb from a band of thieves, Albion recruited more members for his White Clan and began to conquer nearby areas, where he hoped to created a mystical city where magic was the sole ruler. While conquering these areas, Albion was met by new vampires, who had emerged from Dracul and who were ready to start the war again. New foes also appeared, including the Goblins, the Orcs, the Ogres and the Trolls, who together formed an army who was willing to bring the entire world into an era of chaos. Albion and his followers managed to hold their own and as fate would have it, he was also called to lead the resistance forces assembled by the Elves to battle the growing menace. Eventually, Albion was able to break the trust created by all the four enemies and they disbanded leaving the world intact once more. He made many enemies in this war but also new allies, becoming a member of two teams, Athedas and Fantasial Team (where he met other mystics and sorcerers). He also became related with a group known as The First, composed of the original members of each race, with Albion standing as the first mystic in history. In the following century, not much is known of Albion´s activities. According to one of his followers, it was in this time that Albion began to explore a deeper level of dark magic and attempted to control something which was beyond his power to do so. As the years passed, White Magic held less importance in his domain and darkness began to swallow the walls one by one. It was reported his orb, his very soul had been taken over by an evil spirit who now laid dormant within his own self. While the leader was under corruption by this spirit, the Clan lost none of it´s potency and continued their efforts to increase their numbers and conquer more lands. Eventually, they reached their end. The Elves and the Fairies noticed the vast expansion their faction was having and decided to put a stop to it. They created a border and from that same border, the Clan should go no further, but they were free to create their "city" on the inside. And so, Eleanor was created. A magical kingdom and the place of which Albion had always dreamed.



As Eleanor grew in power, Albion was made a Minister and was officially recognized as the greatest sorcerer in the world. The White Clan also grew in numbers, attracting many more mystics, witches and sorcerers to their ranks. At this time, not noticing his slow corruption by the spirit, the Elves made him a member of the The Council (along with the other 4 original Elders). The Council was composed of the world´s most important figures and they would decide it´s fate.

Shortly after that, Albion received a message from a mysterious and powerful being named the Lady of the Lake, who asked him to meet her in her land, Avalon, the Forbidden Island. Fearing something grand beneath this meeting, he accepted. At around 2010 AC, Albion left Eleanor. During this journey, Albion gained a guide, the enigmatic Verochio, who has served as his right hand man since. Accounts of his travel vary, but records show that at this time a sorcerer in white released many villages from the Trolls´ control and was also responsible for turning Goblins into trees. From his own notebook, he describes a battle with a group of Centaurs, a mystical battle with a Demon Sorceress and a brief stay in Ler, a highly scientific human kingdom. While the journey continued, the spirit´s influence on the white wizard grew stronger and it would eventually totally consume him. Before that happened, Albion arrived at Avalon. There was a a strange silence all over the land and not a soul was seen, except for a mysterious voice in a large black tower that could be seen for miles. Could that be the Lady of the Lake? What did she want? They pased the forest and arrived at the tower, only to see the doors opening up by magic and hear a sinister grinning that echoed throughout thestone  walls. They entered, and in the main corridor a very familiar yet hated face emerged. The Lady of the Lake was Dracul, the ancient King of Vampires. As the legend said, evil never dies, it only gets stronger. 

A Game of Shadows

The Tale of Dendras

The Grey Casters

Gandalf by misspendleton-d5tozf4

Dendras, the Grey

Coming Soon

The Tale of Baselaird

The Brown Circle

The Brown Wizard

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Powers and Abilities

Albion, the White

Dendras, the Grey

Baselaird, the Brown


Albion, the White

Dendras, the Grey

Baselaird, the Brown


Albion, the White

Dendras, the Grey

Baselaird, the Brown


The Author´s Note

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