It was a beautiful Breezy day in The Shire, the day was young, birds chirped and sang a soulful tune. Esmay Baggins walked through The local Market.

Picking up many types of food,"Tomatoes...." she thought

"Do we need Tomatoes?" Esmay looked around and slipped them in her bag "I guess we can always use extra."


"ESMAY!" two voices shouted out. "Yeah!?" Esmay yelled back, suddenly two hobbits a bit taller than her stood in front of her smiling

"Hello Prima," Esmay smiled at the one girl

"Hello Belinda."

"How's your brother?" Belinda smiled

"Is he still single?!" Prima shouted. Belinda elbowed her in her stomach and hissed for her to shut up.

"Yeah he is....." Esmay trialed off.

"And why do you ask?" Prima and Belinda looked at each other and scratched the top of there and heads and walked away to avoid any other questions. Esmay threw her backpack on to her back and started running down the hill. Faster, and Faster. He Brown hair whipped through the wind. Esmay approached her house to see her Older Brother Bilbo Baggins sitting outside with his pipe. "I got some tomatoes for you," She told him, Esmay plopped down to the bench next to Bilbo "I thought I told you to stop smoking." Esmay laughed taking the pipe from him. "So, you know the Bilberry sisters?"

Bilbo looked at Esmay "Quite well I say,"

"Well they wanted to know if you were still single." Bilbo just sighed and looked over at his sister "And what did you tell them?"

"Yes -"

"Oh my- why- Why would you tell them that!?!?!"

"Bilbo you're 30 and not getting any younger, you need to get married."

"I don't need anything,"

"Yes you do,"



The 2 started in on arguing when suddenly a smoke butterfly landing on Bilbo's nose causing him to turn around. there stood a tall figure in a Grey robe.

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