Work of Enchanted Iris and Insane Black Star
Portrait of elf by k0dy

Name: Nameless

Power: 166,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Fusee's: Black Star and Ramity O'hsera

Age: Unknown

Personality: It's personality is mixed but unknown who is the dominant voice in the fusion, meaning it has the personality of Ramity sometimes and sometimes Black Star's.


Forged in the fires of the First Big Bang War, the two people once known as Black Star and Ramity O'hsera were forced to fuse into one being; with one consciousness and one body. The fusion process had never been undertaken but was done out of the necessity of the enemies that faced them. The process had been experimental and flawed, much of it had been stumbling along but when they'd met palms, a great golden energy had expanded out and enveloped the two of them. Stuck in that maelstrom of energy, they experienced each others memories, thoughts and emotions until they'd bonded on a level that exceeded that of any known bond. When the meld had occured, they'd been powerful enough that all of their enemies had been swept away with consumate ease. The bond had existed for a trillion years, an unexpected product of their bond but when they'd split, they'd been through far too much to ever see each other once again




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