"Um, Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza," the man in the recording stated, he took a deep breath and continued

"The character's do tend to wander a bit at night,"

"What? These thing's move!?!?" the new night guard exclaimed "That is not good... that is not nice,"

"Come Kylie," the guard mumbled to herself "you just gotta last 12:00am to 6:00am." Kylie propped her feet up on the desk and flipped through the security camera's, "One of them's gone!"

She viciously flipped through the footage trying to track down the missing animatronics, down the hall loud footstep's creaked and crackled against the old floor, Kylie pushed her rolling chair over to the door and popped her head out of the hallway "One of them is going to be here soon,"

"I'm gonna end up Pissing my freaking pants....." she grumbled,

"Dum-Dum-Dum...." Some started to sing over the P.A, Kylie shook her head and checked the camera's "Where's Bonnie?"

"Oh, she's at the party room," Kylie arched her brow and stared into the camera, Bonnie quickly moved out of the party room "SHE"S ON THE MOVE!"

"SHE"S ON THE MOVE!" Kylie ran to the door and pushed the button and closed it "Close that door! close that door!"

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