today was the first day of school and I was happy about it because I got to start fresh and I knew it was gonna be even better with jack it seemed like everything was better at that. the bell roung and it was time for us all to head out to our classes. The teacher stood at the board writing things but I sat at the very back so no one would notice me. When I took out my pen and paper there was jack walking through the door. "Your late! Jack" the teacher was yelling at him "um I'm sorry I'll try harder next time" he said back. And once that was over he sat next to me smiling. I looked back and winked as the teacher was introduceing herself. jack yelled "Ah!" I quickly turned my head and looked at him and there I saw blood. I walked over to him as fast as I could "jack what happened?!" I yelled "nothing miria I'm ok" then the teacher begin to walk towards us "Miria!" She yelled please sit " I walled back to my seat with an shocked look"now jack what happened and why are you bleeding?" She asked. "Um its an an umm" he was starting to stumble "I cut myself but I didn't mean to" but in my head I was so confused as there was nothing there for him to cut himself on. "Very well jack please go wash that off and next time you should be more careful" jack got up quick running out the door. But when he left he dropped a paper. I got up to grab it "miria please sit!" The teacher said to me. I snatched the paper from the floor and sat back into my seat and uncrummbuled the paper it had an number on it. "Miria please pay attention!" The teacher yelled at me "umm yes mam" I said back. I thought he was cheating on me when I saw those numbers and it had a girls name on it it said Farra on it. The door opened I put the paper into my back pocket as jack went to sit down. As soon as he did the school bell roung it was weird because jack never spent that much time out of class before. As I was walking to my next class I stopped jack in the hall "hey um jack has anything been up lately?" I asked he then looked back at me looking confused "no what makes you think there would be?" He said "well I was just wanting to know why are you spending a lot of time elsewhere?" He looked Me into the eyes "miria if something was wrong I'd tell you but I'm surely saying there's nothing wrong I promise" then he kissed me on my cheak "no see you later I have to get to class don't want to be late on the first day" I just knew something was up the paper and it seemed like he was lying and his kiss left a blood mark witch was kinda gross but I was gonna figure out what it was he was hiding.

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