school was finale over I spotted jack walking to his bus "jack!" I yelled running towards him. "Are you still coming over to watch our favorite show? You know, the missing view we love that show" he looked down towards me with a smile "of course Miria you know I'll never forget our special show" then he kissed me on my cheek again. Next Sunday it was a brand new show of the missing view about to begin but I was still waiting for jack. I walked over to the house phone and called jack. It left me on voice mail "hi jack um this is Miria still wondering if you were coming or not yeah so you bye" I sat on the couch still waiting then I heard a knock at the door. "Yes jacks here finale" I quickly grabbed the popcorn and put it out on the table and walked towards the door."hi jack thank god your here I thought you'd never.....oh its you Sarah" I walked away from the door and sat on the couch covering my face. "What's wrong Miria" Sarah said sitting next to me "its jack he's hiding something from me and I can't figure it out and he was sopose to be here to watch the missing view with me" Sarah hugged me tight "oh Miria don't worry I'm sure he's just really busy lately" I looked Sarah in the eye "you know what Sarah your right I can watch the missing view by myself I don't need him" Sarah stood up in front of me with an bad look "up oh Miria I gotta go my cat is sick and I need to go take care of her I'll see you later". And as sson as she opened the door there was jack just about to knock "oh sorry jack" Sarah said walking out "well Miria did I miss the show?" I looked at him with a mad look "no jack your just in time" I layed across jacks shoulder getting ready but I fell asleep. It was about 4:35 when I woke up and jack was gone "oh no I must have fallin asleep where's jack did he leave again?!". I got of the couch standing "ugh wats that horrible smell?" I walked into the kitchen and there I saw I dead Mouse with lots of peeking blood "eeehhhh! How gross!". I took a pic of it and sent it to Sarah "Sarah look at this who would do such a thing" I texted her "eww gross idk but who ever did is really crule" I looked with an idea "Sarah do u think it may have been jack?" I said "oh jack? I thought he was an animal lover I couldn't imagine him hurting such animals" I looked down sad "your right Sarah I'm gonna call him tomorrow and see what really up but right now I'm gonna go to bed I got a long day of school tomorrow" Sarah smiled "OK Miria have an nice and peaceful sleep"!

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