that night I had just got home from school. Not forgetting jack invited me to his house but before I did I called Sarah. "Hello" I said into the phone "hi miria what's up its everything OK?" She asked me as if I was hurt "of course it is just about to head over to jacks house to meet his friend" she laughed into the phone "haha wonder who he is but anyways tell me how it goes when you come back, I have a book club meeting you know how that goes" I laugh really hard "lol see you later then" I hung up the phone. My mom walked through my door "hi miria where you going so late?" I looked down to but on my boots. "Mom don't worry I'm just walking to jacks house I'll be back before diner I promise" she looked at me and walked over to big me "OK dear see you later". When I got to jacks house I saw him and josh outside talking and playing guitar. I didn't want to disturb them so I walked around the corner and peaked behind the corner all of a sudden they stopped talking. "Hey jack where's that chick u said I was going to meet today?" Josh asked jack "wooaah dude she's my girl friend not a chick don't call her that her name is miria" he smiled "oh and did you tell miria the secret?" He asked "well I was going to but I don't thinks she's ready" he said to josh. I was so mad hearing them say that but the lest I could do is to walk over there and pretend I didn't here them. "Hi guys" I said walking over to them with a smile "oh hi miria josh this is miria" josh stood up and walked over to me "hi miria don't you look lovely today" I blushed bright red "thanks josh"I said with a smile. "Hey um jack do you have any thing to drink?" Josh asked jack "umm yeah in the fridge" he said "um so jack you don't have anything you want to tell me?" He looked as nervous as he could ever be "no why do you ask" I turned red and mad "jack you better tell me what your hiding before I seriously leave you" josh came walking back "hey miria and jack sorry I took so long I stopped to use the bathroom on the way out and.....woah what's going on out here?" I looked at josh with a mad frown "oh nothing josh its just if jack doesn't tell me what going on were over with" jack was looking closely behind me "OK jack what ever bye" I started walking out trough the driveway "no miria watch out!" He yelled pushing me out of the way. I was on the ground and I saw a wolf and jack with vangs and so did josh I was really confused. When the wolf ran away jack helped me up "miria are you OK?" He cheeked me to see if I had any marks "yeah I'm fine but what just happened?" I said with a scared face "miria its time I told you, I am a vampire and so is josh" his eyes glowed bright wile he was looking into my eyes "that wolf you just saw it was a agler wolf you do not want to come across one off those if they bite you you'll become one of them there trying to hurt the vampire empact and empire" he said to me "well jack why didn't you just tell me? Is there more of you vampire?!" He looked at me and kissed me "yes there is now you must go home before anymore of those wolfs come josh will you take her home?" He smiled "sure yeah come on miria let's go". I was so scared I thought I was going to be the one to get hurt but I didn't, I'm glad he told me then but I was Stoll curious as I didn't want to tell Sarah anything josh told me not to tell anyone on my way home.

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