as I woke up that morning getting ready for school I saw shadows out side the window. I waled to the window and saw about eight people standing but one of those people looked like jack. At fist I wanted to open the window and yell to see if u was him but I was gonna wait to get a better look. "Miria!" It was my mom calling me down stairs "better hurry up our you'll be late" I rolled my eyes and looked back into the mirror "OK mom almost ready" I grabbed my purple and white dress and put it on as fast as I could. Walking down stairs my mom stopped me "well don't you look all dressed up today" I smiled and blushed a little "yeah mom thanks," I said back. Walking out the door I didn't see anyone anymore till the bus came rolling around the corner to pick me up "ello Miria how's your morning" I didn't know how to reply to that "good as usual misss t.". Then I took my seat beside Sarah. "Hey Miria find anything out yet?" She asked me "no but I saw him with some other people this morning after I finished brushing my hair it seemed kinda strange though but I'll talk to him today in class to see what was going on out there" I said "oh great ms. Penlo wants us to do a report on myths" I laughed "lol better start that research then". The bus was finale at school and ms.t came to a stop to drop us off. I wove goodbye to Sarah as she walked of to her 1st class when we've gotten into the building. On my way to class I kept getting bumped and knocked by other students and that's what really made me mad. Then I've made it to class on time but that day jack was already there in his seat "hi jack" he looked at me kinda nervous "morning Miria" I was scared to say anything else "so umm jack who where those people u were talking to?" I asked "what what people where?" He kinda seemed like he was playing dumb "the people outside my....oh gosh what's that on your arm?!" I stopped and looked "oh this nothing just a little mark" he said. That was no mark it looked like some kind of claw mark and it looked bad "it was from josee, you know how that silly dog loves to play". But josse would never do that to jack he'd love jack a lot and I knew it. Then I looked him into his eyes and asked if he was lying "jack are you lying?" He looked nervous and pail again "no of course not I wouldn't hide anything from you". But when I looked him in his eyes they flashed bright green "umm ok then" I turned back around because that kinda scared me "hey that reminds me Miria wanna come over and meet my friend don't worry his name is josh he's a nice guy" I looked at him with a confused face "um sure I guess" he smiled at me. The teacher began walking towards us "Miria! Jack! No talking!" We both looked at each other "yes mam" we said

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