• The KHer's and their Trollish behavior and vulgarity attitude as well the massive lack of respect. I will be making posts basically of each member I have shade on and yes boo I have shade on almost every user there on that wikia. I have done some of those users already on there wall those being AlouisMarchBlueDreamer, Colonello12 and Mikiu Hatsune the later I have even more dirt on as many will be able to see once I have gotten to her and her hater self so I will not use vulgar language I will post this in the kindness of ways I will be better then them and when they try to lash back they will use vulgar language and people will be able to see them for who they really are so I am setting this up and will be posting a bit at a time starting with one user till I finish it then I will move on to the next. Will be updated daily with new content. These are my opinions about the said users so don't get pissy about my replies as they are my opinion so learn to live with it.

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    • First to be up is CouncilOrg. This person is clearly not only a dictator and power abuser but also one huge liar and I can say this with confident's as like he did before when he bashed me with his group of cowards at the KingdomHearts3DDDD.Wikia. Okay so to start off he not only carries himself like some sort of distinguished person when he has done things that no person that thinks so highly of themselves would ever do. Okay here goes the talking about the screenshots about this user which I will also add a bit to the last one posted in the 3 already so here goes.


      Screenshot 1

      In Screenshot 1 you can see he is talking about a user named Bio who he thinks is OHK when clearly it's not I would know if OHK was back and Bio isn't him so judging someone because they are defending someone else because of all the disrespectful things he (Org) and his fellow cowards have said. It's clear that he doesn't know as much as he pulls off. On to the second part about Klaus defending me as I said it's not OHK so stop assuming things as it makes you look like an idiot when you are clearly wrong. As for the last part to Screenshot 1 I will point out how vulgar goodie liitle Mikiu Hatsune is clearly she needs a bar of soap down her throat to stop with such vulgarity clearly if all you can do is use swearing in your words to belittle someone you are the one that needs to grow up.

      Org 1

      Screenshot 2

      In Screenshot 2 there is only 1 thing I have to mention about it and that is the fact that Org has everything wrong as Ultimate Strategist L2 was indeed the one that got rid of Niklaus but how I will keep that silent and to myself as clearly he (Org) is just a joke and rude as you will see in later screenshots.

      Org 2

      Screenshot 3

      In Screenshot 3 this is were you will see Org's True colors like seriously how rude and disrespectful like no man that claims to be just will be so cruel also as you will see in a later screenshot he is clearly bluffing and really how rude to tear out someones heart and step on it clearly no man of just will be that awful hearted. Ultimate's response I deem it to be right because seriously someone as shallow as Org should never do something that low. For the final part to this I will note at Mikiu Hatsune's little smile and her saying enjoy tartarus like really no woman would ever be so evil and shallow like come on you stepped on the guy and you laugh grow up and be a real person as rping is for kids grow up little one and act your age.

      Org 3

      Screenshot 4

      In Screenshot 4 you can clearly see him (Org) say he used that girl Sarah's name against him like some monster plus he has his facts twisted as she isn't banned she moved on from wikia and isn't ever coming back and so her account is disabled as she can't and won't come back. But as I said you are now seeing him for the monster that he really is. There is a bonus Screenshot as well that I will post with this.

      Org 4

      Bonus Screenshot

      In this Bonus screenshot you can see Ultimate admitting to talking to me (Jade) even though my name now is Enchanted Iris I at one time went by Mystical Jade. Now back to the main reason well Org thinks he knows it all when clearly he doesn't but oh well I have other screenshots that will prove to what he doesn't really know but that is a me to know basis and a him to never find out as he doesn't deserve to know it because of his disrespect to me and my relationship to my fiance a man like Org is just jealous and that I have something that he will almost never get and if he does in some sort of miracle get someone he will ultimately ruin it with the way he acts as he isn't as kind and generous of a person as everyone at that wikia he co-founds think he is as he is no saint and never will be. Plus from all his actions you see in those screenshots and his words about me and my relationship he thinks he abides by law but the law he made up and is a farce and a fascade clearly all made up laws in his mind a sheer joke to be honest. But to put this to an end I will put up the next person tomorrow at a time that fits my schedule and then there will be more I will pick the user at random so do enjoy this heavy read and to all that think they know the people at that wikia by the time I am done you will have a real glance into who they really are and then you will know the real side to the group of that wikia that mainly run off with their mouths and then tuck tail and hide at a dead wikia where they also abuse people and also make posts to bully others on their talk pages/message wall there and so do enjoy all of this.

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    • Next up is someone that I did a little about already at her wall you guessed it Mikiu Hatsune.

      For this it I have 3 screenshots and more to say so it will have to deal with it I don't care if it has a hissy fit or acts like a vulgar idiot but oh well grow up and deal with it.


      Screenshot 1

      In Screenshot 1 there is only one main thing I have to say and that is the fact that she doesn't have the brain power to remember she was once in a relationship with Ultimate on one of his former accounts like seriously you it how bad is your memory when it's clearly obvious to any duck that asks him you 2 were a thing like come on stop hiding in the shadows and admit the truth about yourself already. A side note to this screenshot is that Org thinks I give false information well clearly not when I already know many things that they don't and these are things that will happen and they have no chance to stop it so enjoy as I am not saying a single word to a lowborn subhuman like Org as well as his it admin Mikiu.

      Mikiu 1

      Screenshot 2

      In Screenshot 2 you can see more of the vulgarity that little it has like come on now how pathetic can you be when you have to use vulgar terms to slander someone when you can clear do it without the vulgarity and it will hurt twice as hard so seriously you need to grow up act your age and get that life as you need to be a bit more educated on proper manners and on how to really throw some shade before you try to throw your own. But to be on the side of nice for 10 seconds it did get it right when it said Sarah left as that is correct and she is never coming back ever again. But now back to the idiocy and this is now on back to Org with his "oh we have a master chess person here as an admin blah blah blah all the good that person is when clearly you don't see a damn thing coming and your brains are on overload thinking about things that you think will happen but clearly won't but there will be some things happen will you know them hell no so do enjoy.

      Mikiu 2

      Screenshot 3

      In Screenshot 3 this was taken at the roleplayerguild and she didn't know it but clearly it is a lowborn subhuman so of course she wouldn't know. But in this shot it's name is Winter Urushima and clearly as you can tell it is all about being fake and a liar yet another fake name to go by as it can't be honest about what it really is *coughmarriedmancough* but clearly lets decipher this screenshot well it likes to run it's mouth and be disrespectful all I messaged it was some help as it doesn't know what is going to happen and I was going to be the forgiving friend until it down flat ignored it and then posted a hate comment about me as it's status at the guild even though it has no friends there and it loves the drama so clearly it needs a brain and to grow up. But to now move onto the screenshot it likes to say it didn't say anything yet it made a status about me on it's wall so clearly provoking and saying things like seriously tard use your head. You are clearly getting the picture that this it love to be 2 faced and shady and act one way and then act another way to your face when I sent the second one the tard didn't say anything even though it was a song and a damn good one for it as clearly it's what it is so deal with it and for once it needs to take the hint and come out that fake closet it has and admit the truth as all I see is lie covering up lie and even more then that so clearly not a true friend so move on you fraud as you clearly can't be real do enjoy.

      Now for the aftermath of the remainder to what I have to post this it will never get a new chance to even be a close friend to me as it is a lowborn degenerate that can't be real and hides in fear like the rest of the cowards it will never be able to apologize for it's very disrespectful act and this it had no reason to open it's mouth about anything I tell it but clearly from the message on it's wall you can clearly tell it's all about running the mouth but doesn't have the guts to say it to someones face like all normal people would do. Stop being scared own up to your mistakes and apologize that can be said for that other fraud as well Org and his lowborn make up law behavior like grow a brain and stop being dumb.

      To end this I will say that even if they try to stop this from being seen by other users I won't let it as I will be posting new content on the daily so learn to live with it. If you can't then 2 bad put on your grown up pants and get a life as you can't force me to take down my opinion and the obvious from these posts so enjoy.

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    • For this next person I have decided to target my aim at the Founder at that dump known as KH aka JjBlueDreamer1. In advance I was given permission to use the following below screenshots from the other party that Jj was talking 2 so I don't really care if she gets butt hurt deal with it.


      Screenshot 1

      In Screenshot 1 you can clearly see her rping and being creepy as hell with someone she barely knows and it's funny I thought she was married on facebook or in a relationship with a girl named Zoey but apparently she loves to cheat around and cheat on the one she claims to be with how tacky and disrespectful of her to cheat on someone like clearly grow up.

      Jj 1

      Screenshot 2

      In Screenshot 2 you can clearly see her saying you only serve me like what the hell people are not puppets and toys for you to play with everyone is open to an opinion and you clearly are just some wannabe puppetmaster and pull the strings on everyone when you are miserable in your life and will be even more miserable when your GF Zoey sees how much of a cheater you are and you aren't able to counteract your actions with words so enjoy.

      Jj 2

      Screenshot 3

      In Screenshot 3 you can see part of Screenshot 2 but also a nice little threat she gives with if you back stab me you will regret it like seriously what can you possibly do besides be 2 faced and run your vulgarity and impulsive behaviour out on someone when you clearly are a lowborn subhuman and clearly slow when you don't know that if you think someone is going to let you threaten them and not screenshot puh lease your really just dumb.

      Jj 3

      Screenshot 4

      In Screenshot 4 you can clearly see that she is being creepy and just plain out eww as like seriously what the hell your in a relationship what the hell are you doing literally breaking your own relationship with your own 2 hands just wow.

      Jj 4

      Screenshot 5

      In Screenshot 5 you can see her yet again being creepy like what the holy hell are you doing like haven't you learned that being loyal, honest, and respectful in a relationship is what keeps it but your clearly ruining your own relationship with this kinda rp and it just gets worse and worse with all the screenshots to come so seriously you need to really take a look in the mirror and see that you aren't ever going to be one of those people that can be committed to a real relationship without having to cheat so enjoy.

      Jj 5

      Screenshot 6

      In Screenshot 6 you can clearly see her admitting to having some sort of feeling for the other person aka being a cheater on her gf. Like grow up stop being a hoe and get a normal life free of rp and free of having to be a skank like seriously grow up as your tacky thirst to having everyone is indeed that very tacky.

      Jj Rping

      Screenshot 7

      In Screenshot 7 you will see more of her tacky thirst and her being very disgusting like seriously how trashy do you have to be if you have a girlfriend you wouldn't be cheating and you wouldn't be calling someone else dear other then your girlfriend and you wouldn't be grabbing anyone elses chin besides your girlfriend so clearly that gf is made up as there is no way in hell that you are in a relationship with a real person and this person letting you cheat on them and they be okay with that. Clearly you have issues and you need to work on them.

      Jj's Fake Discharge

      Fake Discharge

      In this one it's not a screenshot it's more of a Fake Discharge paper that was printed out of a printer and not one from the hospital where the main colors in hospitals are White, Yellow, and Pink also there is Blue in the capital city of Amman in Jordan so clearly that is printer paper White which fades in time and turns off white so clearly a fake document also doctors don't write in print on a paper they write in cursive meaning another reason that is fake. I got this confirmed to be a fake by 50 doctors and nurses and they all clearly stated that it was a fake because if anyone with a brain knows that if your in a hospital and you go there they always write in cursive and they give out prescription's also written in cursive. Plus how she says she got put into the hospital is clearly bs you don't get amnesia from hitting your head on the drivers side window no way in hell the only time that happens is if it's written in on a soap opera that is the only way it happens that way to get amnesia you have to take a very heavy blow to the head hitting a drivers side window won't do that so enjoy this batch of great knowledge. Plus to come back on and be the exact same person you were when you left and be the same bullying no good person you were before raises a red flag and it shows that your clearly full of bs and need to learn to be real as no way in high hell is anything on this document real. Do enjoy todays post I will be back tomorrow and post another or maybe later today depending on the situation.

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    • Next person on the list to be burned I mean to be spoken about is Sassmaster15.

      Well what I can say about this person is that it only hears one side of a story and doesn't let another part tell them what happened so clearly this person doesn't have a brain like the rest of the members of KH as any normal person would be able to sit with the other person hear there side of things and then make a decision but clearly Sassmaster is just a goon to Org and basically a puppet to idiocy listening to anything those tards at KH have to tell him like grow up get your own opinion and then post your opinion as clearly only someone with a below 70 IQ would be that slow and follow the orders or a lowborn.

      But the ony other thing I can say about Sassmaster is clearly why do you hide your real self from people clearly you hide behind Avril Lavigne pictures and you, yourself as seen on facebook seem human enough to make a good decision but I maybe wrong but oh well. If you sit in a room full of idiots you will eventually become one so if this is what happened to you all I can say is that is on you and you made that mistake. Do enjoy this and oh for everyone else if you would like to see Sassmaster for yourself I will link his Facebook here below so you can see the real Sassmaster15. Do enjoy this new read and on that note till the next post do enjoy this read and all the ones above. Ciao to all the sane humans.

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    • Bonus Info for JjBlueDreamer1.

      As I stated in her post on this thread that she is married and in a relationship with a girl named Zoey I will be linking both her facebook and the place where she has written about being with her girlfriend Zoey so that way it's easier for people to find and notice how thirsty she really is and how unloyal she really is if she is hitting on and flirting with The Raven Branwen. Her FB but this is just 1 of 2 I have the other blocked as I don't talk to trash and unloyal people so good riddance for getting rid of trash. Here you will see a Blinge picture that Jj put up of Zoey (Apparently) showing her love and stuff but clearly she (Jj) isn't loyal as she is still flirting with other people so I would rank Jj as someone that will always lose people as she is the cause of her own down fall as she is the cheater/liar and manipulator in any sort of relationship. Grow up and stop living in the past nothing good will happen if you do.

      Jj 6

      At Discord Jj uses the name Puddin

      In this Screenshot the only one I will post with this is that clearly you can see her tacky as hell thirst and clearly her wink to Raven Branwen like she is interested in a relationship with Raven like wtf get your hormones under control and stop being a hoe as in the end once people see you for the real person that you really are then you will be nothing more then dirt and to most other people an easy lay if you keep up being a hoe so do enjoy this post I will be posting another one soon.

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    • Next person is CPW Community Admin. There will be no screenshots just words.

      This one will be an easy one and a basic one and I will say what I want how I want no matter the reason so here goes.

      You have no clue about anything that dictator Org has said so clearly you need to get better informed or maybe you do but you like him are a wannabe law members with no life so here goes some more if you even seen what he said about my relationship at the skype group chat then you would see why I am pissed you would also know that I don't talk to lowborn subhumans like Jj or Mikiu as they aren't loyal friends they are 2 faced and shady as all hell none of them are a real friend and they are great at pretending to care but to actually care that will never happen as they are the kind of people that will say 1 thing to your face and other behind your back.

      Org is the exact same way if he had the balls to say what he said about my relationship to me instead of hiding like a scared little girl none of this would have happened but he is was most people would call a fraud someone that can't aka a fake wannabe like Jj and Mikiu all I asked for was an apology you need to get your facts straight as Mikiu had no right to even bring up my relationship to any of you and for Org to open his mouth and say the fates will see to it that her relationship will be doomed you know what you need to pick better friends as those people at that crappy wikia are not real people with this said if you want to talk to me about how great Org is I will deny that request as I don't give a damn about what Org is about I have many more screenshots showing who Org really is and his fascade will fall as well as Jj's and Mikiu's.

      All I asked for was an apology because of what Org said but he isn't man enough to apologize for what he said as he isn't really man enough to do it or he is jealous of my relationship and it being in the flesh and real unlike the make believe ones that Jj, and Mikiu have so until you can actually see what those people at that crappy wikia do and or unless you have Org going to apologize I will continue will more and more of these until everyone on wikia can see these that way no one ever again will ever trust the users at that wikia.

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    • Next up is CommanderPeepers but before I even get started talking about this person. I will say this I have enjoyed putting up and posting the facts and truth about who these people really are and it is better in my opinion as they are people that will see this and then they will tell others who will tell others and so on and I would rather be posting facts and without vulgarity unlike the KHers that love to bully, slander, and make assumptions and making complete asses of themselves while using vulgar language. So on that note let's get started.

      For this person I would like to point out that he acts like most kids when you take candy from them so he get angry easily like a child and tries to be like oh I am mature when clearly a 5th grader has a higher education then you have as I have seen your pathetic little attempt to anger me and it failed as I don't get angry I hold a grudge like no other but I don't anger unless someone can really get under my skin and Org so far hasn't hit that but he is just like you jealous as you both will never get what I have you will be living in your parents basements like Mikiu and some other mentionable people at that wikia and will neglect to actually being a human.

      Your never going to get me to react in any form of anger to a lowborn subhuman and their petty charges to make me move along all that tard dictator had to do was apologize for being a complete tard but like all tards he doesn't have the guts to actually be real and a man to apologize for opening his mouth like wow how desperate for laughs must he have been to make fun of my relationship like seriously I haven't ruined it yet and won't I am clearly dedicated to him and he is to me so all of your petty attempts are indeed that petty attempts.

      But like the rest of the vulgar tards at Kh you need a real manner adjustment perhaps like the rest meaning Jj, Mikiu, Org and all the other subhumans in that skype chat group you have and now that discord chat group as well clearly all you do is run your mouths as your afraid to have someone with real guts confront you as none of you have the sense, or brains you people were born with all you have to do is grow up and stop being toddlers in the body of an average uneducated american body and if your not american your the uneducated of the place your from so if you ever grow a brain and have the guts to confront someone you should try it but sense you can't as all of you are spineless you don't get to confront real people as all of you aren't real and you all are cowards because hiding at all these places and not saying what your so afraid to say because you know it will end in you getting gone you just need to realize revenge is a dish best served cold it can wait and wait but in time it catches up so do enjoy as soon you will see what that saying really means. To everyone else reading this do enjoy I will post another tomorrow.

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    • Bonus Information on Mikiu Hatsune.

      I will begin this with saying that she had this one coming I was just waiting a bit to post it but oh well now everyone will be able to see hoe much of a tard Mister Hatsune really is.

      I will begin this with he got on his pretend cycle when I posted on it's message wall here with facts about it so this will be what happened after this tard noticed that message.

      She calls me a spoiled brat within her first message to me at the Guild and I'm no spoiled brat I am high class something this something that sir will never be. I kept reading it's message and then came to this "You're being a complete dumbass" ok for this I was thinking the whole time your a moron your the one that got butthurt over my message to your wall here and I am the dumbass clearly not huh. Then the sir said it would leave if I left Jj and the others alone clearly it hasn't done that as it's still around and hasn't left so clearly no thanks to you sir but clearly you slow.

      In it's second message the first few words are "I'm the troll?!" Well yes you are you have over 5 accounts on facebook Mikiu Hatsune that got blocked, Sing Love, Silvia Taylor, Kuroyuki Hime that also got blocked, Yomi Takanashi that it doesn't use like Sing Love, and Blankenheim Lumina so enjoy people knowing those as well as your wikia accounts that are Mikiu Hatsune, Eve Zvezda, Snowblack Princess, SpookyBoogy just to name a few but with all this posted clearly you can tell this person has a serious rp problem as she also has Winter Urushima at the RPGuild like get a real life stop playing people and stick to 1 account and don't go and pretend your one gender and your not.Her next words that popped out are "Your pathetic and a waste of time" okay for this it's simple if I was such a waste of time and if I am so pathetic why the hell would I defend your dumbass a person that is pathetic and a waste of time would never do that so be quiet boo boo your brain is on meltdown. It's next words were "truth is your no friend your the biggest piece of shit out there hell your worse then Yash. Also Deion does not sound like a real name,it sounds like a rip off of Celine Dions name" Let me educate you some more if I was indeed what you say I am then why would I defend you, tell off the so called hacker that supposedly hacked your account and have the person leave ALL of your accounts and get off them all so yeah you slow and you are clearly uneducated as you put a third party person into this mix being Yash and I will at least say this about him and that is he at least uses his brain that can't be said about you.Like when you said that Deion isn't a real name your slow as you need to educate yourself some more as Deion is a real name go look up the football player Deion Sanders and get yourself educated.

      In her third message the one thing that popped out at me was these few little words. "I wish you and Deion a horrible life" Wow clearly look how petty you are and butt hurt. Is it because you will never get to be with Rose-chan like the way I am with Deion that your that slow sir clearly you need to grow up your nothing more then dirt on the floor in my fiance's house that the maid that works there cleans up.

      All I will say about her 4th message was that she loved to threaten and said I told the admins about your harassment and clearly that didn't work as I have reported to an admins before and I have not gotten any message to stay away so clearly your a liar.

      In her final reply the thing that pops out the most to me is this. " I did think of it as funny, truth be told" This was what I was waiting for to see this ungrateful, disloyal, dishonest person admit to the fact that it was always a disloyal friend and behind my back was always talking about me with her fellow fake friends that are the same as it so clearly you need to see that your slow and nothing you say will get me to be nice ever againto a fake person like you who can't even understand that there are boundaries people don't cross like what you and Org clearly have done so do enjoy other people knowing what you have done and watching as they turn on you. For everyone else do enjoy the read.

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    • Sorry for the long absence from here but I will also apologize as the next person up is HypercaneTeen aka Hypercane.

      This person is just as 2 faced as Org and Mister Hatsune at first he WAS my friend and he did help out a lot but in the long haul all he did was be 2 faced and was most likely one of those people in that nice skype group chat and at there now discord chat running their mouths about me well all I have to say is people that run the minute they see someone else they are talking trash about and can't even confront the person just goes to show to me that your fake and that your fascade is now off.

      As like most users of that god forsaken hell hole known as KH Hypercane liked to run his mouth behind the backs of people as he is a coward and he is clearly SLOW as only someone with a low IQ would personally remove a right from someone at a wikia and I mean clearly were you thinking I would not check my email and see that it was removed like come on how dumb can you be if you think that clearly you fell way to far from the tree so to say because of you I found out all the information more on Jj and that her dumbass isn't smart enough to leave that out and clearly if your going to post that you should be careful with what you do as it can bite you back sooner then you think.

      Now I will end this saying that even though Hypercane is a fascade and clearly can't confront someone doesn't mean he isn't useful he is just 2 stupid and being surrounded by morons that is what happens you develop into a moron as well so do enjoy and I will make sure to post more and more in my free time as I have a busy life and the idiots on that wikia don't deserve the time or energy it takes for me to actually care about wikia in a large scale I have other things that take up my time so do enjoy and deal with the hate bye. To everyone reading this do enjoy the read.

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