• Is a world wide group with over 1000 members and with them all over the world and on teams they are easily able to be relied upon and there founder became the founder after the former one stepped down so to say and then she has been running it but with a more subtle approach to it and doesn't go full violence but knows that discretion and valor as well as standing up for people that are being bullied and harassed by people and played by people that pretend to be someone elses friend and then just bash them for no reason the group is great at getting info and they are loyal people.

    My opinion on this group is that sometimes they try to help people that can handle their own problems and don't need their help but other then that I see it as a group worth supporting.

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    • the lupa archae has been in play backin 2006, i should know, i created them with three other members and we won't hesitate to well... sort things out with direct confrontation if it goes to that, yes we are collecting a huge deposit of information on the kingdom hearts wiki that is owned by jjbluedreamer, so have fun, you can block me there but i'll just send another member to finish my work and you won't even know who it isĀ 

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