• For this one I will be posting more people that have caused drama for me that are either a former member of Kh, an ex from wikia or just plain out some random idiot that caused drama. I won't be posting on this one everyday maybe every couple of days but this one will be active a bit I will be posting in replies so stay tooned.

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    • First up is Ultimate Strategist L2.

      I have known this person when he went by BackWhyLock on here at wikia and slowly got to see him for who he really is and that was a person that wanted nothing but revenge against Niklaus Mikaelson which he got later on but oh well but I will say that he did cause me alot of drama because when I did date him he did cheat many times with many other people from wikia as well as people on facebook and I got sick of it and ended everything all forms of contact and then I am known for giving people more chances so he took that and used that against me which was a mistake on his part as he ended up lying to me again and I found out about it yet again so I went into a cold hearted bitch phase and I said nothing to him and when he would try to message me on wikia I would ignore him as he was just all about the lies all about trying to get his past love Sarah back but even that has ended now.

      To make this more in the now he has asked that I help by telling the Lupa Archae to back off and leave him alone but I have not told them to back off as I know they won't he is on target mode because he opened his mouth about the group which is a huge no and so he has what is coming to him and I can't do anything to help as I am just friends with 2 of the people in that group I am not someone that is going to betray someone without a reason for doing it so I can't help him out.

      The founder of the Lupa Archae hates him and doesn't want him around so this will be the end of the first part. I may add more about this user in the long hall but I wll leave that for another day but for now I will say that the next person was someone recent and this person will have a lot of explaining to do when I post about them so stay tooned.

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    • Next up is IM STILL ALIVE aka Nicole.

      This wannabe friend was just exactly that a wannabe I was nice and kind to her and when I was told by the founder of the Lupa Archae to tell my friends my close friends about it I told her but then she blamed me about the founder of the group finding her name on discord when clearly her dumbass has a discord link on her very wikia she babies and the person found it that way and then I was blamed that I told them her name when clearly I never said anything my lips were sealed about her name on discord but then she was all nice at first then when the person said they would help her with her problem even after I told the person not 2 and if Nicole had any lick of sense she would have looked up and or asked me about it as I told her before her fake ass blocked me their like how pathetic are you that you blocked someone that told you what you wanted to know I did absolutely nothing wrong but your stupid ass did it anyway like wow grow up and just leave wikia you fake paranoid liar and you will never get the chance to apologize for your lowborn subhuman behavior and this will stay here if your little buddies want to reply go ahead all your doing is going to make me post more and more about not only you but about them as well so do enjoy this read. I may post 1 more today about someone else before stopping.

      Link to discord

      The Link to her Discord.

      Clearly not the brightest bulb in the bunch when you leave the link to what you blamed a former friend on at your wikia like seriously grow up and move on you wannabe your not clearly real you are seeking attention and from people that actually have lives so go away no one cares if they do it's because they 2 also have no lives. Also watch out if you make someone really mad they will leak that porn collection that you have posted on your discord as your truly one sick individual.

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    • Next is Kittynator aka Mister Mini Mod aka I Mod All Day.

      What can be said about Kitty other then the fact that he went and judged me based off finding out the truth and then got pissed as he himself is butthurt that he got kicked 1 time a while back and now he has no chance of being a mod boo hoo hoo no one cares and if you decide to threaten someone that doesn't back down and isn't afraid of you or your modding how about you stop bullying others in pm and stop being rude and learn to put a sock on your sarcasm as just because your sarcastic doesn't mean you have to be an ass about everything and hurting other users feelings like seriously grow up and stop pretending as playing pretend isn't a good thing it's childish.

      Also stop sending mix signals to other people having them think your a girl when your not one your clearly a male so be it and act like it.

      One more thing you should do is actually get a life your on wikia all day non-stop like seriously get a hobby go out with friends occupy your time with other things wikia isn't everything on this god forsaken world there are many other things you can do so do them you just may enjoy it over sitting in a chair in a basement of your parents place and just maybe if you go out you can find someone with similarities like you and who knows things just may happen but other then that I doubt you will ever leave wikia are you hoping they forget that you got in trouble so you can then ban and block people when you get rights seriously it will never happen take the advice and get that life.

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