Kelli Atwood, Chase Davenport Leo Dooley, Bree Davenport, and Adam Davenport stood outside of the large cement building. Kelli cracked her knuckles, "We can do this." She grinned. The shoved the doors open and stepped in to Hiddenville High. Home of the Raptors, Kelli and the Davenports were from Miss creek, but the Davenports father was there on business and he brought them along.

A few students stared at them. "Is it because we're dressed different?" Leo asked.

They all looked down at what they wore. Kelli ha don a navy blue Armour Sincerity tee and green cargo skinny jeans with her black canvas shoes. Adam had his regular black jacket and blue shirt with jeans and black shoes. Chase had his normal Baby blue and orange stripped polo with skinny jeans and high tops.

"nope," Bree said "we're ok."

A girl with long brown hair and a pink motto jacket walked up to them. "Hi!" She cheered

"Are you new?" she asked.

"Umm, Yeah we're just from Mission creek." Leo explained.

"Oh, I'm Phoebe Thunderman." The girl held out her hand and Kelli shook it. "Kelli Atwood." she smiled.

"Adam Davenport." he smiled

"Bree Davenport."

"Leo Dooley."

"Chase Davenport."

Phoebe stared at Chase, he calmly backed up. and grabbed Kelli's hand.

"If you need let me know." She smiled and walked away.

Chase pulled out a paper out of his backpack and read it "Locker number 112, and you have locker number 113." One thing you must know about Kelli and Chase, is that they were best friends. They found there lockers a boy with spiked brown hair and brown eyes stood at Locker 114. They put their stuff up

"Hi, I'm Max." The boy smiled.

"Max Thunderman." He winked at Kelli.

"Hi Max." Kelli smiled back.

Max closed his locker and the bell rang.

"We gotta get to class." Chase said as he put his stuff up and pulled Kelli away. "I don't wanna go to class." Kelli said.

"Come on, let's go!" Chase fussed.

"I gotta go." Kelli said to Max.

she can Chase ran to class "What was that for?!?!" Kelli asked

"I think that we should just get to class on time, nothing has really changed." Chase explained

"We're in Hiddenville, away from Mission Creek! This is like a vacation! try to have some fun." Kelli hugged Chase and waited for a reply.

Chase rolled his eyes. "You're just a good guy." Kelli smiled.

"Fine, I'll go to class and not enjoy anything."

Chase messed up Kelli's hair.

"Hey!" She giggled.

"Give me a piggyback ride Chasey!" She laughed.

Kelli jumped on Chase's back as he carried her down the hall.

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