What do werewolves look like
What do werewolves look like
Some attributes
First Werewolves are mostly in Scarry movies or romantic movies like the movie twilight
Second People are believed to turn into werewolves when a full moon comes out
Third There fur come in 3 types of colors black, brown, and gray
Other attributes
werewolf myths have been around about longer than vampires and zombies for a good example Greek mythology's say lycuon a man transformed into a wolf after eating human flesh. The word werewolf is to thought to be derived from the old English we're meaning man while the specific attributes of werewolves many across different cultures to kill a werewolf you must use bullets or cartridges with serious stappirng power to aim for the head or heart as well as the werewolfs transformation from human to werewolf both slow timeing it would take 7 weeks to change to werewolf from human complete like Sark's and bears and other animals werewolves usually dislike the taste of human flesh prefering instead large and herbs the attacks that do happen to people are mostly for opportunistic meuls of such kills

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