xrayra is an magical wolf being that controls the wind and clouds and has an magical wolf howl she can use in the day to fight off the evil spirits and evil demonds and when she does see them her eyes glows bright blue, and when they do that means she sights them she is also related to Darmoe an black magical wolf that's
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Xrayra sighting evil

Fantasy Animal 46607 detail thumb
Xrayra using her tail to create the magic wind clouds
Some attributes
First Control wind
Second Sights evil
Third Blue magic
Other attributes
Fourth Magic howl
the same as her but Dermoe only comes out in the night and his eyes glow bright red, as said Xrayra has a long furry tail that many people say is used to swish the wind along in a gentle breeze she also users blue magic from her claws and eyes trough out her jaws.

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