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Zarkirian is a Mystic he is the Second oldest Son to the Mystic King making him a Mystic Prince. He is strong at Physical attacks he fight's using his fist's he is very moody & has a attitude to all none Mystics. He prefers to not help out anyone he is a loner type along with fellow Prince & brother Zephielden who is the oldest of the Mystic sons.

He is tasked with watching after Jade when she goes out alone without Grune or Masron. He hates Masron because Masron is stronger with both Physical & Magical based attacks.

He wont admit it but the reason Jade became a Mystic was his & Zephielden's fault he try's to hide it but because of what he did decides that in order to repent for hurting her he must protect her at all costs.

Abilities Edit

  • Basic Magic
  • Brawler
  • Can break & destroy things 2 times his own body Weight with one punch
  • Can Stun you for long periods of time